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Parent Quotes

Mother of a mentee, describes the Talbot Mentors experience from the family’s point of view. “They match you up perfectly with someone,” she said. “The organization has a very big heart. They’re in it for the family.”

“I am so grateful for Ms. Susan and Talbot Mentors; they have been there for me and my girls when we needed them the most.”

“My daughter’s mentor is just like a member of our family.”

“I have seen my daughter come alive since the two have been matched.”

“My child’s mentor is a godsend, and I hope that every child has the same opportunity.”

“Mentoring has allowed my son to grow and gain new experiences that I could not otherwise give him.”

Quotes by Sheriff Joe Gamble

Sheriff Joe Gamble: “The time I spend pouring myself into a young person gives me a greater reward than anything I could ever do in law enforcement.”

“This is basically a wheel with spokes. Law enforcement is one spoke, parents are a spoke in the wheel, our education system is a spoke in the wheel, our health department is a spoke in the wheel, but mentors are a spoke in that wheel.”


Mentee Quotes

Mentees provide their own thoughts on the difference mentoring makes in their lives. One young man says, “I used to think everybody was against me, but I realize a lot of people were just trying to help.”

“It is really fun because she gives me the confidence I need and that’s what I think everybody should have.”

“It’s like she is another family member. I feel comfortable around her. I feel like I can talk to her about anything I want to.”

“Ms. Sharon is like my best friend. I hope she never stops being my Mentor.”

“My Mentor is like the father I never had.”

“Without a doubt Mr. Al has changed my whole perspective on life – sharing his wisdom, offering suggestions and giving me guidance.”

“My Mentor is someone who really cares and takes time to do fun things with me.”


Mentor Quotes

The relationships are mostly about friendship, with many of the youngsters describing their mentors as their best friends. “I don’t call her my mentee anymore,” says mentor of mentee, with whom she has been matched for six years. “I call her my friend.”

Mentor: “The nicest thing about introducing him as my friend when we meet people is getting a Christmas Card this past year, out of the blue, that says to the best friend I ever had.”

As mentor Susan Piggott describes, “Mentoring is just magic… It’s the special attention that kids get from somebody that makes so much difference in their lives.”

“The entire experience has been wonderful! It has changed my life.”

“I am having just as much fun as my Mentee.”

“It has been humbling as times, while also reminding me of the simple joys in life.”

“It is fascinating to hear his insight and perspective on life from a child’s point of view. It has really opened our eyes as adults and gives us another way of looking at our own lives.”

School Staff Quotes:

Fifth grade teacher: “Every class I have had at EES has had at least one mentee from your program. It is a great program!”

Fifth grade Counselor: “The kids of Talbot Mentors just continue to improve.”

Previous Superintendent, Dr. Karen Salmon: “The mentoring experience will prevent many students from falling through the cracks and making risky choices. Talbot Mentors’ track record is excellent and enhances Talbot County Public Schools’ mission that each student will learn, grow and succeed.”